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Alertifty homepage


Alertify was the product of a group project assignment with the goal of designing a disaster relief application. The result was a specialized web app that helps coordinate the training and onboarding of volunteers through the Red Cross' Ready When the Time Comes program which is a community based corporate partnership. The project was led by Ronald Park, with team members Joshua Hillmer, Sally Kim, and myself. There were no specialized roles in the design process apart from project management. Each member played a diverse role in terms of research and design output. 

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Mobile wireflows

Project Evolution

The product was initially conceived as a mobile first web application. Usability testing showed our group that this was actually a poor means of coordinating volunteers, and shifted towards a desktop application. While the information architecture was already laid out, the interfaces changed a fair amount from earlier iterations. Alertify's prototype functionality covered messaging, onboarding, training, and disaster response scenarios. 

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