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GalleryDAO homepage


GalleryDAO is my capstone project for my graduate degree. It is a blockchain application intended to be built on the Ethereum network. The concept seeks to solve the problem of a saturated NFT market by limiting the output of mintable pieces of art to a semimonthly show held by the gallery featuring one artist and a collection of their work. Shows are chosen by users, who partake in a voting process, viewing a number of show submissions and choosing their favorites for the next show. 

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User personas representing each user type

A Challenging Undertaking

The project was research intensive and involved learning about how blockchain networks work. A key lesson is that modifying the blockchain is a costly endeavor. Anyone wishing to make changes to the network has to pay for it, so each shift or addition of data should be considered thoughtfully as opposed to rushing into transactions. As a result of research, the voting process on GalleryDAO was redesigned to utilize traditional web server technologies that manage databases, while all sales and purchases of artwork were left to the blockchain. 

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