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Trader Joe's Delivery

Group 238.png

Collection of mobile screens


Trader Joe's Online delivery was part of a group project assignment to build a mobile prototype for a food delivery service focused on groceries. The theme was largely in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as these sorts of products began to thrive in 2020. Research found that Trader Joe's did not intend to enter the grocery delivery space, but that the interest from the populous was high. We even found that scalpers online will sell Trader Joe's products online at a mark up. The team was led Bina Kijmedee, with team members Bill Leonard and myself fulfilling tasks assigned by the project manager. My role in this project was that of a usability specialist focusing on administering usability tests. Roles were fluid though, and each team member contributed to design. 

Trader Joe's – Returns v2 (1) 2.png

Product user flows to aid prototyping

Rapid Development

This project was part of a prototyping course, so the pace for delivering the prototype itself was fairly quick. Interface design began within the first two weeks and testing began soon after to aid the iteration process. There was minimal exploratory design and instead the project was very hands on. Luckily for our group, these are common applications with a lot of groundwork laid out already, so we did not have to reinvent the wheel.The end result is a clean and fun grocery shopping application.

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